José B. Nísperos (1887 – 1922)

Private, Philippine Scouts, U.S. Army, 1907-1912

José B. Nísperos was a private in the US Army’s 34th Company of the Philippine Scouts, a military organization formed by the U.S. government during the Philippine-American War. 

Nísperos is the first Asian American and Filipino to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

After suffering many wounds during the war, Nísperos was discharged for disability in June 1912.

“Having been badly wounded (his left arm was broken and lacerated and he had received several spear wounds in the body so that he could not stand), Private Nisperos continued to fire his rifle with one hand until the enemy was repulsed, thereby aiding materially in preventing the annihilation of his party and the mutilation of their bodies.”

– Citation to Nísperos’s Medal of Honor Award


“Jose B. Nisperos | Action Against Outlaws, Philippines 1911 | U.S. Army | Medal of Honor Recipient,” Congressional Medal of Honor Society, accessed January 11, 2021,“The Philippine Scouts – The Campaign for the National Museum of the United States Army,” accessed January 11, 2021,

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